Wiring Repairs

Engine Wiring Looms & Component Wiring Repairs

Corrosion to permeable vehicle wiring looms, even on new, modern vehicles, if left untreated can cause major problems and impact the running of a vehicle.  

We can offer a complete onsite wiring repair solution to your customers, from headlights wiring repairs through to main engine wiring looms and component wiring fault finding.

Replacing component wiring and entire engine wiring looms can be very time consuming and costly for both the repairer and the customer, and in many cases this wiring can usually be repaired over being replaced. 

Our LOVE technicians can be onsite within a 4 hour window and are able to locate the majority of electrical wiring faults and repair only the damaged sections of the loom, saving you time and money and reducing the overall key to key repair time.

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